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How To Make People Remember Your Presentation

Did you know that hardly 10% of your audience, who listened to you carefully, remember the key points of your presentation a week later! Study the infographic below which reveals 10 proven techniques to make your message memorable to your audience: .. Read More

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12 Most Convincing Lines in a Presentation

As soon as you begin with a presentation, you must get the attention of your audience, the sooner - the better! That ain't enough, oral presentations need to have a two-way engagement strategy to keep your audience interested. Here are the twelve m.. Read More

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4 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

In today's ultra-competitive world, fostering customer loyalty becomes a vital role for your business. Here are 4 ways to walk that extra mile beyond customer service: 1. Expresar: Let them know what you do for them: Many a times, customers need t.. Read More

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4 Pillars of Effective Public Speaking

Ever wondered what is it that makes someone a great public speaker? Wouldn't you love to be known as one! Well, lets take a look at the secret recipe of what goes into the making of greak speaker! 1. Confidence Confide in yourself first!  Look at .. Read More

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