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Infographic: The 7 Types of Procrastinators

We've always seen a set of team members who just can't finish things in time, no matter how early a task is allocated to them.  Ever wondered why things don't get done despite the long deadline, healthy work culture and what not.... Here are Seven .. Read More

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The Three No-Nos While Communicating with Your Customers

Ask a successful CEO, "What is the front line of a Business?" and you'll hear these three words.... "Rapport with Customers!" Yes indeed, it is so.  It takes anything between 2 to 10 years to create a good business reputation & build up a loya.. Read More

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Infographic – Using Body Language in Business Communication

Humans often communicate more non-verbally in a lot of situations. When it comes to business, a lot can be said or assumed about a person based on his/her body language.  An interesting research by Dr. Nick Morgan reveals some jaw-dropping facts abo.. Read More

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5 Reasons To Be Multilingual

Study reveals that multilingual skills help a person evolve & explore more than the average Joe.  While the rest are fluent at just one language, you can be the best by picking up on multiple languages! No language is superior or inferior. Eve.. Read More

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5 Public Speaking Tips for The Shy Guy!

Shy or Not, there's no escape to giving that presentation on stage!  Fret not... here are 5 Key points you need to follow for a jaw-dropping power-packed presentation. 1. Take a few minutes to go over your material before a presentation. A little b.. Read More

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5 Fascinating Ice Breakers For Trainers & Teachers

A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience's attention, then he can teach his lesson. - John Henrik Clarke As you start your training session, in a span of about 15 minutes, you might notice students who are physically pres.. Read More

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10 Golden Tips for Effective Communication

  Communication is simply a process of transferring data/signals/messages/information between a sender and a receiver through various methods. It can be two way as well, when both the parties are involved in the exchange of information. It migh.. Read More

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4 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

In today's ultra-competitive world, fostering customer loyalty becomes a vital role for your business. Here are 4 ways to walk that extra mile beyond customer service: 1. Expresar: Let them know what you do for them: Many a times, customers need t.. Read More

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4 Pillars of Effective Public Speaking

Ever wondered what is it that makes someone a great public speaker? Wouldn't you love to be known as one! Well, lets take a look at the secret recipe of what goes into the making of greak speaker! 1. Confidence Confide in yourself first!  Look at .. Read More

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Infographic: How to be Popular in Office

This infographic shows how to communicate at your workplace and stay in the limelight! How to be Popular in Office infographic   .. Read More

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