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Data Visualization In PowerPoint Using Maps

Data visualization plays a vital role in creating a positive impact in your powerpoint presentation. May it be a sales pitch or performance report, you need to ensure that statistics, numbers or revenue /sales figures are well highlighted. There a.. Read More

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5 Ways To Stay Creative

According to Einstein, "Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought." On the other side, we have today's young energitic Millennials who say "I am not that creative"... For once, stop using that lin.. Read More

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Five Awesome Google Fonts For Your PowerPoint Presentations

Google Web Fonts is a collaborative open source project that has brought a revolutionary change in today's digital world.  You no longer need to pay for these fonts, simply download them and use it in your presentations.  What's interesting is, you.. Read More

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Infographic: The 7 Types of Procrastinators

We've always seen a set of team members who just can't finish things in time, no matter how early a task is allocated to them.  Ever wondered why things don't get done despite the long deadline, healthy work culture and what not.... Here are Seven .. Read More

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The Three No-Nos While Communicating with Your Customers

Ask a successful CEO, "What is the front line of a Business?" and you'll hear these three words.... "Rapport with Customers!" Yes indeed, it is so.  It takes anything between 2 to 10 years to create a good business reputation & build up a loya.. Read More

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5 Reasons To Be Multilingual

Study reveals that multilingual skills help a person evolve & explore more than the average Joe.  While the rest are fluent at just one language, you can be the best by picking up on multiple languages! No language is superior or inferior. Eve.. Read More

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These 7 Vital Questions Decide The Fate of Your Presentation

[caption id="attachment_458" align="alignnone" width="710"] Photograph By: Victor1558 (Flickr)[/caption] May it be an important client pitch, a CEOs presentation or a business proposal, these 7 vital questions will decide the Fate of your Presentati.. Read More

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Wearing Brown Shoes For Your Presentation?

Did you know, 4th of December 2013, is celebrated as "Wear Brown Shoes Day"?   If you've got a presentation on the day, make sure you're dressed for the occasion.   For those wondering what to wear for your seminar or presentation, you've got your .. Read More

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The 60-Second Motivation

Ever felt life was boring, full of problems, there are so many worries - material, emotional, transactional ... and you are bogged down with negative thoughts flowing in.   Remember, when most people quit, they are the just needed one more step to .. Read More

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Inspiring Video: Stop Obsessing About Your Competition

Inspiration Of The Week: Why You Need To Stop Obsessing About Your Competition And Focus On What You Can Control Two-time Olympian alpine skier Kaylin Richardson explains the importance of self-confidence and putting your resources where they matter... Read More

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