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Powerpoint Infographic Template: Facebook Statistics

Infographic have the power to present & emphasize data with amazing visualization.  However, data visualization ain't a copy-paste thing.  It needs a good design sense, knowledge about consumer psychology & communication tactics as well. An.. Read More

Infographics, PowerPoint Templates | 04.5.14 | 3 Comments

Infographic: The 7 Types of Procrastinators

We've always seen a set of team members who just can't finish things in time, no matter how early a task is allocated to them.  Ever wondered why things don't get done despite the long deadline, healthy work culture and what not.... Here are Seven .. Read More

Communication Skills, Get Smarter, Infographics | 01.30.14 | 2 Comments

7 Unique PowerPoint Charts and When To Use Them

Charts are the essence of any business presentation such as sales pitch, annual report, performances, team management etc.   While many people simply use colorful bar and column charts with default color schemes,  now a days its said to be cliche!.. Read More

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5 Vital Fundamentals for Making Infographics using PowerPoint

Ever wondered you could even make an infographic in PowerPoint? Well, that’s true…. Create an impact with stunning infographics made in PowerPoint.  Yes, you too can create an infographic without using any advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop or .. Read More

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Infographic Elements PowerPoint Template

Visual content is a dominant force in the world of marketing. Prominent visuals leave a lasting impression on your audience and help you put your point across more effectively. The first type of Visual Content that comes to your mind is an infograph.. Read More

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