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Data Visualization In PowerPoint Using Maps

Data visualization plays a vital role in creating a positive impact in your powerpoint presentation. May it be a sales pitch or performance report, you need to ensure that statistics, numbers or revenue /sales figures are well highlighted. There a.. Read More

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Five Awesome Google Fonts For Your PowerPoint Presentations

Google Web Fonts is a collaborative open source project that has brought a revolutionary change in today's digital world.  You no longer need to pay for these fonts, simply download them and use it in your presentations.  What's interesting is, you.. Read More

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How To Save Your Presentation From Mockery

We all prepare hard for our presentations to look good, have best images and often have "all is well" feeling until the big day. And there is this one thing, that spoils your show! Oops... Your presentation started with a mockery! Here's my 3-Poin.. Read More

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These 7 Vital Questions Decide The Fate of Your Presentation

[caption id="attachment_458" align="alignnone" width="710"] Photograph By: Victor1558 (Flickr)[/caption] May it be an important client pitch, a CEOs presentation or a business proposal, these 7 vital questions will decide the Fate of your Presentati.. Read More

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Never End Your Presentation With "Any Questions Please"?

One of the most important learning from Corporate Presentations, Seminars and Pitches is how you end the story! What you said initially and in between might be pushed back into the memory zone, but what you say at the end of the presentation regis.. Read More

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7 Unique PowerPoint Charts and When To Use Them

Charts are the essence of any business presentation such as sales pitch, annual report, performances, team management etc.   While many people simply use colorful bar and column charts with default color schemes,  now a days its said to be cliche!.. Read More

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5 Vital Fundamentals for Making Infographics using PowerPoint

Ever wondered you could even make an infographic in PowerPoint? Well, that’s true…. Create an impact with stunning infographics made in PowerPoint.  Yes, you too can create an infographic without using any advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop or .. Read More

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Essential Slide Show Keyboard Shortcuts For PowerPoint 2013

Ever been to a seminar where the presenter uses boring old menus or struggles to navigate through he presentation during the slide show? Even if he sold you the product, you'll remember his lack of experience in using PowerPoint for the rest of your .. Read More

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5 Fascinating Ice Breakers For Trainers & Teachers

A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience's attention, then he can teach his lesson. - John Henrik Clarke As you start your training session, in a span of about 15 minutes, you might notice students who are physically pres.. Read More

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How To Make People Remember Your Presentation

Did you know that hardly 10% of your audience, who listened to you carefully, remember the key points of your presentation a week later! Study the infographic below which reveals 10 proven techniques to make your message memorable to your audience: .. Read More

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