5 Reasons To Be Multilingual

benefits of multi-lingual

Study reveals that multilingual skills help a person evolve & explore more than the average Joe.  While the rest are fluent at just one language, you can be the best by picking up on multiple languages! No language is superior or inferior. Every language has its own beauty; each of its dialect adds a unique aspect to the language.  It is always beneficial to be able to read, write and speak various languages. In today’s rat-race it acts as an upper edge over your competitors.

Here are five reasons why you should be Multi-Lingual:

1. Health Benefits:
Studies have found that the Alzheimer’s disease is either delayed or warded off for people who are multilingual. Additionally, Your brain is stimulated, when you use various accents, styles of writing and pronunciations.

2. Personality Development:
When you know many languages, you naturally tend to have a good persona. Your ability to reach out to a different group of people, interact with them in another language will always make you shine.
As your social circle grows, your confidence as self-esteem great a boost too!

3. Career & Business:
Being multi-lingual will help your potential employers identify you as a “global candidate”. It sure opens up new doors of opportunities followed by promotions & goodwill. If you are into business, you can easily approach a diverse market & prosper better. It also helps you while you travel abroad.

4.  Creativity:
When you are exposed to a new language – you learn about different cultures, events, places, people and more. This widens your perspective, thereby adding more creative thought process & skill.

5. It bridges the gaps:
Not knowing a language acts as a barrier in communication & always keeps a group of people away from you. At times it also leads to communication gaps that result in misunderstandings. Being multilingual bridges these communication gaps and it helps form networks between people, thereby promoting harmony amongst people around the globe.

Photo Source: Flickr - Victor1558