The Three No-Nos While Communicating with Your Customers


Ask a successful CEO, “What is the front line of a Business?” and you’ll hear these three words…. “Rapport with Customers!” Yes indeed, it is so.  It takes anything between 2 to 10 years to create a good business reputation & build up a loyal clientele. This wonderful reputation can be ruined so easily with those inappropriate comments or even your staff’s attitude towards your favorite customer.

Your client servicing team is the face of your business, you’re the backbone!  Remember to train your team not just with “what to say” but also with “what NOT to say” to a customer!  And ensure their goals include “making customers feel special” off-course not by pleasing them but with effective communication.

The Three things you shouldn’t say or do when communicating with clients:

No-No #1 – There’s Nothing I Can Do to Help

Sometimes, you really can’t do much with a particular situation or a problem faced by your client. That’s when you openly say “There’s nothing I can do to help you further” and pinch your client… Huh? Bad… VERY Bad! Rather than putting it that way, find another way to say it, without hurting your customer.  Come on… there is always some sort of a workaround.

Maybe you could offer a discount or an alternate product or service.  Put your creative hats on to dig out possible solutions. If your client is demanding too much, be smart, you can always smile and say… “Okay! Lets do this, I will discuss this with my (technical) team and get back to you tomorrow by (time)”.  Until then, use more than just your brain to tackle it 😉

No-No #2 – Complaining About Your Work

Who gets enjoyment hearing negativity? Not your Customers, please! They are rather the ones who have a right to complain since they are paying you for a service or product based on some commitments v/s expectations.

Moaning about your work, creates negative vibes which spread like fire or erupt like a volcano! Remember, customers have a better memory than yours, when it comes to finding faults with the business or service standards! If you don’t like your job, do something about it, stop complaining & groaning in front of your cute, friendly customer! When the going gets tough & you fail to deliver, your statements shall be iterated (to your boss) with a spicy flavor by your clients!  Ouch… did it hurt?

No-No #3 –  ‘You… You… You…’

It’s not appropriate to use “you” statements. This refers to lines such as, “You need to send us a proof of payment” and “You should have filled out the form properly” and so on. Statements like these seem to belittle the customer. The same information can be shared in a more respectful and polite manner.

Remember, even if your customer is dumb, stupid or quite a b**ch … they are the reason you’re getting your money credited in the bank!  So either leave your ego aside & be nice or get their kick!   Realize that your attitude is important. So, keep it positive and be cheerful.

Photo Credit: Victor1558 Flickr- Creative Commons