Statistical Data Infographic Powerpoint Template

Sunday, July 20th, 2014 at 12:26 am

This month’s freebie is an easy to re-use Statistical Data Infographic Template in PowerPoint. Both Maroon & Blue themes, use various elements provided by Microsoft PowerPoint to present data in a stunning format. A perfect example of how to present data comparision between two groups based on various factors. All you need to do is download, add your data and print or share it further 🙂 As simple as that!

You can download the slides and use the template for any of your commercial or non-commercial projects – such as reports, survey results, college projects etc.


  • Easily change numbers & element colors
  • Two color themes – Maroon & Blue
  • One-click change icons for each data group
  • Simply change picture to replace your own logo
  • Based on Free Google Font – LATO
  • Printable 7.5 x 10 inches picture fits on Letter Paper with Margins

Here are some statistics put into the free printable infographic template that you can download below

  • A Survey of Managers v/s Executives – Statistic
  • 70% Managers fear public speaking while 90% executives call it a nightmare!
  • Almost 80% executives are unable to manage their time effectively, while managers are twice as much better at it.
  • Almost 50% of Managers surveyed, travel abroad for meetings and they hardly 10% of executives are lucky enough to be there!
  • Almost 40% executives have their food at their desk, which shows why they are so very stressed compared to managers who maintain a better balance. If you use A4 size paper, select shrink/scale to fit while printing.

Download PPTx Template: 148 KB (Share on Facebook/Twitter for free download)

Note: These are availble to you on Creative Commons License. However, you are not allowed to redistribute the template anywhere else. The license does not include redistribution, linking or copy-paste on any other intellectual property.

nfographic elements template


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