5 Ways To Stay Creative

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 at 5:35 pm

5 Ways To Stay Creative & Improve Your Brain

According to Einstein, “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.

On the other side, we have today’s young energitic Millennials who say “I am not that creative“…

For once, stop using that line. Each one of us has a wonderful brain with an amazing power to think creatively. Researchers in neuroscience have proved that aspects connected to the brain, such as creativity are also a result of the person’s own intentional activation of different parts of the brain.  Which means, you need to practice & train your brain in order to cultivate & develop creative thinking.

Here are five ways to spark off the creative side of your brain:

1. Seven Colors of a Rainbow :

Just like seven different colors define  a single rainbow, pick up one thing and describle it in 7 different ways! Its easier and it helps you look at things with a new perspective. Take a look at what’s in front of you and just describe it in seven different ways. As simple as that! Example- a pen, a mobile phone, a pair of scissors, etc. Cultivating this habit will help you generate multiple ideas or solutions for any situation.

2. Reach For The Sky:

It might sound bizarre, but if you look up in the sky you’ll notice these beautiful formations made of water vapour called CLOUDS!  They’re all so unique, and yet so similar to something you know in your life.  Try to figure out if a cloud formation resembles a bird, an animal or your kid’s teddy bear. This will stimulate your brain enough to let some creative juices flow.

3. Work with your non-dominant hand:

Doing something with non-dominant hand with with release neurons that are good for overall creativity. Do minor tasks such as brushing your teeth, writing your name or watering plants with your hand that you don’t usually use!

4. A Word A Day:

You don’t have to join an English speaking class for this one! Simply subscribe to any online dictionary for “a word a day” and learn a new word everyday or at least thrice a week if you’re too busy. You could also read a new book or novel, and jot down some unfamiliar words you see! The most engaging & fun part of this activity is to make use of the word within a week in your day to day conversations. Trust me, you’ll be admired by people for this one.

5. Go Multilingual With Phrases:

Pick up a few phrases from Other Languages such most popular french, italian, spanish or german ones. Choose romantic phrases, business phrases or positive life phrases – its up to you.  Here’s a famous Spanish phrase for instance:

Más vale ser cabeza de ratón que cola de león
>> Better to be a mouse´s head than a lion’s tail

Sounds good right? See how being multilingual helps your brain to stay more active & impress someone with your talents. By the way, do read my post “Multilingual Is The New Multinational” that highlights the rewards of being Multilingual in a global economy.  Make sure you check that one too!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing & sharing it across.  Cheers….

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