Wearing Brown Shoes For Your Presentation?

Did you know, 4th of December 2013, is celebrated as “Wear Brown Shoes Day”?   If you’ve got a presentation on the day, make sure you’re dressed for the occasion.   For those wondering what to wear for your seminar or presentation, you’ve got your answer!

While I agree, Black shoes are business dress, you can’t deny the fact that brown are slightly more relaxed, yet formal shoes. Brown will go with every color under the sun. The leather color mostly affects the formality and attitude of a navy suit.

Below is are the 3 major colors of Suits that pair up with Brown Shoes:

  1. Navy Blue Suits
  2. All Shades of Brown Suits
  3. Cream / Beige Color Suits

If you would like a little more detailed combination chart with variety of shades, take a look at Shoe and Suit Combinations in this article.

The Brown Shoe LookBook: