Five Awesome Google Fonts For Your PowerPoint Presentations

Google Web Fonts is a collaborative open source project that has brought a revolutionary change in today’s digital world.  You no longer need to pay for these fonts, simply download them and use it in your presentations.  What’s interesting is, you can even share a link to download fonts, thereby promoting an open source digital era.

Combining a great font with the regular ones and giving your presentations a facelift, can help create a positive impact on your audience.  If you fonts are legible & blend with the color-scheme of your powerpoint, it helps people comprehend easily what they see on the screen. If you are presenting to a large audience with only one front-screen projector then select a font size that is large enough to be seen at the back of the room. Avoid script type or handwriting styled fonts on PowerPoint slides.

These five Google Web Fonts have unique visual characteristics that make them more readable and compatible with a wide variety of devices, browsers and operating systems.  Use them wisely to create a visually attractive powerpoint presentation.

1. Open Sans

Get The Font:
Open Sans Font

2. Lato

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3. Vollkorn

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4. Ubuntu

Get The Font:

5. PT Sans + PT Serif

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