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Infographic: The 7 Types of Procrastinators

Cartoonographic showing Seven Types of Procrastinators and how to handle them smartly!

Wearing Brown Shoes For Your Presentation?

Did you know, 4th of December 2013, is celebrated as “Wear Brown Shoes Day”?   If you’ve got a presentation on the day, make sure you’re dressed for the occasion.   For those wondering what to wear

Inspiring Video: Stop Obsessing About Your Competition

Inspiration Of The Week: Why You Need To Stop Obsessing About Your Competition And Focus On What You Can Control Two-time Olympian alpine skier Kaylin Richardson explains the importance of self-confidence and putting your resources where they

5 Public Speaking Tips for The Shy Guy!

Shy or Not, there’s no escape to giving that presentation on stage!  Fret not… here are 5 Key points you need to follow for a jaw-dropping power-packed presentation. 1. Take a few minutes to go over your