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The Three No-Nos While Communicating with Your Customers

Three vital things you shouldn’t say or do when communicating with clients! Remember to train your team not just with "what to say" but also with "what NOT to say" to a customer.

5 Public Speaking Tips for The Shy Guy!

Shy or Not, there’s no escape to giving that presentation on stage!  Fret not… here are 5 Key points you need to follow for a jaw-dropping power-packed presentation. 1. Take a few minutes to go over your

10 Golden Tips for Effective Communication

  Communication is simply a process of transferring data/signals/messages/information between a sender and a receiver through various methods. It can be two way as well, when both the parties are involved in the exchange of information. It

Infographic: How to be Popular in Office

This infographic shows how to communicate at your workplace and stay in the limelight! How to be Popular in Office infographic