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Content Downloads Terms & EULA

If you downloaded this product, you have procured a single user license for use of the product. If you need a multi-user license, please contact me for pricing info and other details.

Downloads are available in zipped archive or direct powerpoint compatible formats such as PowerPoint template (POT, POTX, or THMX files), a presentation (PPT or PPTX files) with embedded theme.

License (Allowed To Do):

You may use, modify, or publish the downloaded content as you wish in any personal, commercial or professional project – applicable for free downloads except for cases mentioned under ‘You MAY NOT’ section.

1. You may use the downloaded content in your own presentations intended for personal, commercial or nonprofit use.
2. You may use the downloaded content in your own presentations which are not for sale or resale.
3. You may use the downloaded content in your own web site design as backgrounds or design elements only if these designs are not the sole design elements on your site.
3. You may use the downloaded content in your own print, broadcast or video use for any in-house publication or transmission not broadcast or distributed to the general public.
3. You may use the downloaded content in any non commercial print, projection or broadcast – in such a scenario you are required to give credit by including the following statement:   “Liked This Presentation? Download Free PowerPoint Templates from www.PresentationSkills.info”

Terms (NOT Allowed To Do These):

1. You may not distribute, give away or sell single/multiple copies (or part thereof) of the downloaded content.
2. You may not incorporate the downloaded content as part of any product for sale or resale.
3. You may not provide download or save access for any downloaded content from your private or public project. You may NOT provide the downloads hosted on any other server even if you give a link back, without prior written permission.
3. You may not use any downloaded content to create or promote immoral, scandalous or obscene works.
4. Use downloaded content in any project that is similar to the ones developed by me or competes with the products offered by PresentationSkills.info (or based on themes here)
5. Use downloaded content in a project where the photos or images are the sole focus or a significant part of the project.
6. You may not use the downloaded content in a commercial presentation intended for resale, in which case you may contact for a special license.
7. Incorporate the downloaded content within a library, portfolio, build, an image or design collection, archive, sharing-site, group-site, gallery, electronic greeting, postcard site, clipart site, or any other type of project that would encourage visitors to download or save images or templates.

If any question or doubt remains unanswered, don’t assume it is covered and/or not covered under the license, please get in touch with complete details.

Vectors used in PPTs are for representation purpose only. They are property of their creators / owners & not for distribution purpose.

Please visit their websites for free or commercial download licenses.

Last Updated October 2013